Your story is the secret to your success. Why? Because it creates the instant spark between you and your ideal clients. And that good old fashioned human connection is the foundation of any marketing strategy. 

When done correctly, your nonfiction book should tell your readers exactly what you do, why you are on such an important mission, and why you're the best person to help them solve their problems. The right book will attract your ideal readers, introduce them to your world, and lead them straight into working with you. 

Whether I am ghostwriting your book or coaching you to write your own, I'll help you capture the heart and soul of your life's purpose and your legacy of wisdom. Together, we'll plan and write a book that changes lives—yours and everyone who reads your story.

- Jake K., Author, Speaker

"If you just listen to Adrienne you're going to have an unbelievable book."

Your passion for your business and your clients fuels my creative energy. The result? My best work comes naturally, and it's all for you.

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That moment when we're chatting and the heart of your message and purpose clicks with me, and I just get you. I have a knack for this!

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I've been in the business of writing for nearly twenty years. Before I donned my ghostwriting and book coaching hat, I spent 8 years as a content marketing strategist. Before that, I published hundreds of articles as a freelance magazine journalist. What do all of these have in common? Well, they all revolve around the art and science of telling engaging stories that put people in the limelight. And stories sell.

Writing business books is the culmination of my entire career. I took my journalism background, added my marketing know-how plus a dash of creative magic and voila! The result is my proven signature approach to writing a book that creates opportunity and changes lives. 

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It's been truly amazing to see all this coming together into my outline under your expert guidance. You have such a clear understanding of what I'm trying to get across and I really appreciate it."

"I have loved working with you these past for sessions and can't thank you for everything you've done for me.

Joanne S., Pilates Instructor


As a coach and ghostwriter, I've helped nearly 40 authors bring their incredible books into the world. Sometimes, I'm ghostwriting the book from scratch. Other times, authors come to me with a complete manuscript that needs polishing. Many authors write their own books, with my help every step of the way. I tailer my approach to meet author where they are and help bring their books to publication.

"First of all, Adrienne is one of the best. She has her style. Just trust her process and your book will be what you need it to be."

Jake Kelfer, Big Idea To Bestseller


Every part of the process has seemed so fun. I really appreciate your help. The excitement you bring, your perspective, and your knowledge about this process have been really helpful. I’m very grateful for what you’ve brought into this!"

"You have really been above and beyond, even more than I expected.

Savannah A., Real Estate Investor





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